Don't Pay More To Get Your Auto Insurance Discount! 


Get the same certificate and discount with our Mature Driver Tune-Up Course. Here's how we are better than AARP's SmartDriver course.



  • $17.95 vs. $24.95 (Non-Member AARP price as of 11/20/2019)

  • No Additional Membership Fee


  • NO TESTS TO PASS (AARP has tests)


  • Our 'Initial' Mature Driver Improvement Course is 90 Minutes Shorter than AARP's course (6.5 vs. 8.0 hours).

  • No annoying course timers that stop you from proceeding (the AARP makes you wait).


  • We don't require any additional software. The AARP requires dangerous FLASH software!

More Convenient

  • Use your computer, tablet, smartphone or all three (the AARP restricts you to using a computer).

Five Star Reviews vs. One Star Reviews 


Get the Same Auto Insurance Discount

Since we are licensed by the California DMV (License# MO366), you receive the same Official California DMV Mature Driver Improvement Certificate (see image on the right). Give this certificate to your auto insurance company and qualify to receive three years of auto insurance discounts!



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