What is a Mature Driver Improvement Course?

Mature drivers, 50 or older, who successfully complete an approved Driver Improvement Course in California can qualify for a discount on their auto insurance premiums for a period of 3 years. You should ask your auto insurance company about your eligibility and the amount of your discount prior to taking a Mature Driver Improvement Course.


What is a Mature Driver Discount?

Auto Insurance companies are required by state law to give drivers 55 or older a discount on their insurance premium after they successfully complete a DMV licensed Mature Driver Improvement Course. Some companies offer it to drivers 50 and older. The discount is good for 3 years and depends on the person's driving record.


Where Can I Take A Mature Driver Course?

There are two different types of Mature Driver Courses. The first type is held by an instructor in a traditional classroom where you sit for half a day or more, and the other is the new and more convenient online version where you take the course from the comfort of your home using your tablet or computer.

The traditional Mature Driver classroom type of instruction can be difficult to find; especially if you live outside a large city. It is much easier to take an online Mature Driver Course using your computer or tablet. 


What is an Online Mature Driver Improvement Course?

Senior drivers are embracing online Mature Driver Courses due to their convenience. Online Mature Driver Courses allow you to stop and start lessons anytime day or night. When you get tired, you just stop and start again when you are ready. There are no classrooms you need to drive to, and you use your computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet to read the content and watch videos.


How Long Does A Mature Driver Course Take?

Californa Mature Driver Improvement Courses are mandated by the DMV to be 400 minutes long for the 'Initial' course and 240 minutes long for the 'Renewal' course. National courses from the AARP and AAA, however, tend to be longer since they must comply with the requirements from other states.