AARP's Smart Driver Course Reviews

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Aarp Driver Safety - Cant get past the first chapter


AARP offers these programs and recommends medical insurance companies that ALL HAVE PROBLEMS AND ISSUES ONLINE. Being over 50 does not mean being incapable of maneuvering the web, yet AARP AND related companies do not take care of their web sites- its always a problem. FIX YOUR *** ALREADY....

Aarp Driver Safety - Most boring repeated stupid course ever


I took the 8 hour course today and found it to be very unprofessional course ever. The continuous repeats of items 4-8 times was just down right stupid.

Going over things that people have been doing for over 30 years as if they never ever drove a vehicle is another stupid thing to do which this course does. I myself will never recommend AARP course to anyone at all. I found it very UN-useful and down right a waste of at least 6 hours of my time just to save a lousy $50-$80 a year on an insurance policy. Repeating items from time to time is one thing but to do it 6-8 times is just down right stupid.

Do you people at AARP think the public that join AARP which are all over 50 years old are just down right stupid or what. These people just like myself have been driving for over 30 years. I myself have over 2 million miles logged and never caused or had an accident that was my fault and your course treats all of us as if we never got into a vehicle before. I find your course again UN-professional and down right insulting.

Thank got i will never take it or the short 4 hour version again. That one waste 2.5 hours of time.

Aarp Driver Safety - AARP Smart Driver safety course junk


8 hour course because you did not do it in the last 3 years. Excuse me, but you don't even redo your license except every 4 years. Things do not change for driving that much. How stupid are you people. What a waste of time your course is, you people have no clue what you are doing and why your talking about most of the stuff in the course.. You go over the same thing 3-5 times, you do nothing but waste our time with all the videos and repeats. (Just like I did) Do you think everyone is stupid or what? Telling people how to adjust a mirror, or your seat belt or how to scan with your eyes, Come on. No one in this world needs to ever take a course from you people.

Aarp Driver Safety - DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE!!


DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE!!! I just spent the last 5 hours completing my course, I was on the last section and they said I didn’t pass the voice authentication AND STARTED THE COURSE FROM THE BEGINNING! They only give you 2 fail attempts before starting you over. Considering that their voice authentication system is clearly terrible you should have more attempts or you should get a better system. I even called customer service and told them I was having issues after the first time and they said there is nothing they can do if I get it wrong twice you restart and that’s it. To top it off I’ve been in the same room with NO background noise so there is literally no reason I shouldn’t have passed. I absolutely do not recommend anyone to waste their time like I did.


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