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Tune-up your driving and save $90 a year* on auto insurance with our DMV Mature Driver Course Online!

     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Save or we refund your money  
*According to the AARP, people save an average of $90 a year - $270 over three years. Contact your insurance agent and find out how much you will save.  

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5 Star Customer Reviews

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Shorter and Easier than AARP's Course

AARP's initial course is 80 minutes longer than our course because it is designed to work in all 50 States. AARP does not offer a shorter renewal course and makes you re-take their initial course after three years!

Our Course vs. AARP's:


See our 5-Star course reviews (click here)

See AARP's course reviews (click here)

Money Back Guarantee

We will refund 100% of your money if your auto insurance savings doesn't more than offset the cost!

Easiest to Pass - No Tests!

It's easy to complete our Mature Driver Tune-Up course. Just read the course material and watch the videos on our website.

California Based Support

Our customer support is located in California. Email: | Phone: 800-414-5587.

Start and Stop

Start and Stop an unlimited number of times. Your progress is automatically saved. You also get an unlimited amount of time to finish the course.

No Timers

Life's too short! Unlike AARP and other courses, our course does not have annoying timers that make you wait to proceed to the next lesson.

Self Paced

In a rush? Skim and read the course fast. Have time to spare? Take your time and read the course in your free time. You finish the course as fast as you read and watch the videos.

3 Steps To Getting Your Auto Insurance Discount

Step 1: Take The Course

  • Drivers 55 and older with a valid California driver's license can take our California DMV licensed courses (lic: #MO366).

  • You are required to take the 'Initial' course if you have never taken a California Mature Driver course before.

  • You qualify to take the shorter 'Renewal' course if you previously completed a California Mature Driver course. Note: You must re-take the 'Initial' course if your certificate expired more than 12 months ago.

  • See Course Details (Click Here)

    Step 2: Get Your Certificate

  • Your DMV Mature Driver Improvement Course Certificate is mailed to your home by First Class Mail for FREE.

  • People normally receive their certificate in the mail 5 to 7 days after finishing the course.

  • Your Mature Driver Certificate is good for 3 years of auto insurance discounts. It expires on your completion date and you will need to take a 'Renewal' course to maintain your discount.

  • Learn More (Click Here)

    Step 3: Get Your Discount

  • Your auto insurance company is mandated by California State Insurance Law (Section 11628.3) to give you a discount on your insurance for 3 years after you complete our course.

  • The amount of your discount will depend on your driving record and auto insurance company. Contact your auto insurance agent to see how much you will save!

  • Give the Mature Driver Certificate you receive to your auto insurance company to start receiving your discount.

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    Our Mature Driver Tune-Up course brings you up to date on the latest rules of the road and defensive driving information available through videos, images and easy to read content. The course is self-paced so you can stop and start as many times as you'd like. You finish as fast as you can read and watch the videos. There are no tests to pass!

    Watch the video to the right to see a quick course preview.


    Who Can Take It?

    Drivers 55 years old or older who have a valid California driver's license qualify to take our online Mature Driver 'Initial' course. To take the 'Renewal' course you must have previously taken a California Mature Driver Course.

    Which Course Should I Take?

    You must take the 'Initial' course if you have never taken a California Mature Driver course. You can take the 'Renewal' course if you already completed a California Mature Driver Course and your certificate has not expire more than 12 months ago.

    Can I Fail The Course?

    No! To earn your Mature Driver Certificate, just read all of the course material and watch the videos. There are no tests to pass! Learn More

    How Much Can I Save?

    On average people save $90 a year ($270 over three years) on their auto insurance. *Contact your insurance agent to find out how much you'll save.

    Are You DMV Approved?

    Yes. Our Mature Driver Tune-Up Courses (online) are both approved and licensed by the California DMV (Lic #MO366). Learn More

    Do You Have A Classroom?

    No. We do not have a traditional classroom course. Our online courses take less time and are more convenient than a traditional classroom course.

    Can My Spouse Take It?

    Yes. You and your spouse are both allowed to take the courses. When you register, however, you must use a different email address for each person.

    When Can I Take It?

    You get unlimited online access to the course 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your access only ends after you complete the course!

    When Will I Get My Certificate?

    We mail your certificate within 3 business days of you completing the course. On average, people receive it in 5 to 7 days. Learn More

    Can I Stop & Start?

    Yes. You can stop and start the course an unlimited number of times. Your progress is automatically saved.

    When Do I Have To Finish?

    You have an unlimited amount of time to finish. Other courses (i.e., AARP), have deadlines. Finish in one sitting or over multiple sessions.

    How Long Does It Take?

    You finish the course as fast as you can read and there aren't any timers to slow you down (unlike AARP). Learn More

    How Can I Pay?

    You register and pay through our secure online website. We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal accounts. Sorry. We do not accept checks.

    What Do I Need to Take It?

    Use any combination of internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to access and complete the course. No app or extra software required!

    Do I Get Printed Material?

    No. Our courses are 100% online. You read and watch the videos all on our website.

    Is The Course Narrated?

    No. Our courses are not narrated. This lets you finish as fast as you can read without having to wait.

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