No Tests!

Our course has no stressful tests for your client to pass!  They just read or listen to the course and watch videos to earn their certificate.


Certificate Emailed Directly to You

Your customers have the option to have their certificates emailed to you after they finish the course. This gets your customers their auto insurance discounts quicker and helps eliminate some of your customer support challenges.


Five Star Reviews

Our Mature Driver Tune-Up course has Five Star customer reviews.


1.5 Hours Shorter

Our 'Initial' course length is 6.5 hours long vs. 8 hours for courses from nationwide companies like the AARP.  It's shorter because it meets California DMV requirements, not the requirements of all fifty states.


No Additional Software Required

We do not require the installation of any additional software (AARP requires dangerous FLASH).


All Devices

We make it convenient for your clients to use any internet connected device to take our course (the AARP requires clients to use a computer).  Clients can even start by registering in your office and complete the course in the comfort of their own home using their own device(s).


California DMV Licensed (#MO366)

Our courses are California DMV licensed which means we must purchase Official California Mature Driver Improvement Certificates from the DMV. Once a person completes the course, we mail their official certificate by US First Class mail.


Your Clients Are Safe With Us

Insurance agents have reported that other companies (AARP) sell customer data to their competitors! We keep our customer data strictly confidential. We never sell or rent it!