Can My Spouse and I Both Take the Course?

Yes. Both you and your spouse can take the course separately or together. You must register and pay separatly for two (2) accounts - each certificate is associated with an account and a person.

The easiest way to register two (2) people is to use two different email addresses:

Person #1 -

Username: Johndoe1

After you register the first person, logout of their account (Click LOGOUT) and register the second person.

Person #2:

Username: Janedoe2



My Spouse and I Have The Same Email Address. How Do We Register?

You create and pay for two (2) separate accounts using the same email address but create two different usernames and passwords.


Person 1 (account one)

      • Email address:
      • Username: John1955
      • Password: Johnpassword1

Person 2 (account two)

      • Email address:
      • Username: Jane1960
      • Password: Janepassword2

Register Person #1 and then LOGOUT of their course.  Create a new account for Person #2 by using the same email address but a different Username and Password.  The system will ask you if you want to create another account with the same email address. Click the box to say yes and finish registering the second person.


      • Write down your different usernames and passwords

      • Do not accidentally take your spouse's course. Sign in and out of your course by clicking the LOGOUT button at the top of the course. 



How to take the course together using one computer/tablet

Follow the directions above to register two people (individual email addresses or the same email address) and follow the below steps.

1) Sign into person #1's account  

    • Example Username: Johndoe1

2) Both people take and complete the course together using Person #1's account on one computer or tablet

3)  Logout of Person #1's account

    • Click LOGOUT at the top of the page. You are logged out if it says "STUDENT LOGIN" next to the 800# in the upper right corner of the homepage.
    • Attention: You must log out of person #1's account. DO NOT replace your husband or wife's information!

4) Sign into Person #2's account

Example Username: Janedoe2

5) Do not read or listen to the course. Scroll to the bottom of each lesson and click "Next Lesson" until you get to the end of person #2's course

Since person #2 has already taken the course with person #1, they scroll through the course until they get to the end without reading or listening until they finish the course.

6) You will both receive a confirmation email and your certificates will be emailed to you both within 3 business days.



Renewing Two (2) People

If you are renewing two people, each person must sign into their own account by entering their own unique username and password. Each person must pay for the course separately.

Important! You must sign out of a person's account to access and register a second person.