Good News for Older Drivers

Taking a Mature Driver Tune-Up Course can help senior drivers save money and avoid accidents.strong>

Staying on the road to safety and savings can be easier for many mature Californians than they realize.

That’s because you can now take a “mature driver” course from the comfort of your home to tune-up your driving skills and save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance. Auto insurance rates increase after the age of 55 even if you have a spotless driving record but California State Insurance Law Section 11628.3 mandates that auto insurance companies give drivers 55 or older a discount on their auto insurance premiums if they complete a mature driver course.

Fortunately, getting a senior discount on your auto insurance can be as simple as signing up for an online class such as the one offered by Mature Driver Tune-Up.


About The Course

There are many good reasons to take the course. For one thing, it’s good for three years of insurance discounts. On average, people save $90 a year on their auto insurance, but you can find out how much you’ll save by contacting your insurance agent before taking the course.

For another, once you do, you’ll be up to date on the latest rules of the road and defensive driving techniques.

Plus, it’s easy to do. You take it in the comfort of your home using a computer or tablet—not sitting in a classroom for eight hours to which you have to travel. There are no stressful tests. You just read and watch the online videos to pass. You can also take it anytime you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because there’s no deadline by which you must finish, you get to take your time and start and stop the course as many times as you’d like.

Your Official DMV Mature Driver Improvement Course Certificate is mailed at no cost to you. Just give it to your auto insurance company to start getting your discount.