Mature Driver Tune-Up Is The Best!

Mature Driver Tune-Up is the best online course to get your senior auto insurance discount because it is cheaper, faster and easier!

The 'Initial' course is 1.5 hours shorter than courses from the AARP and AAA. You can use a computer, tablet or smartphone, and best of all, there are NO TESTS to pass!

  • No Tests To Pass - Just Read or Listen to the Course to Pass
  • 1.5 Hours Shorter Than Nationwide Courses
  • No Annoying Timers That Make You Wait to Proceed
  • Free Audio Lets You Listen To The Course


Because you take it in the comfort of your own home, you can stop or start whenever you'd like. You take it on your own schedule and there's no deadline by which you must finish.


  • Over 3,000 Five Star Customer Reviews!
  • California DMV License #MO366
  • Certificate Good Towards 3 Years of Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Certificate Accepted by All California Insurance Agencies


Tune-Up your driving and start saving on auto insurance! California drivers 55 and older are owed a discount (by California Law) after they complete our course!