Quick Start Guide

  1. Register: Click on the "Register Now" button. 
  2. Complete the Course:  Read and watch all of the videos in all 12 chapters. 
  3. Review the information in your Completion Confirmation email.
  4. Receive Your Certificate:  Your Official DMV Certificate will be placed in the mail within 3 business days. People normally receive it within 5 to 7 days after they complete the course.
  5. Get Your Auto Insurance Discount: Give the original copy of your Certificate to your auto insurance agent to receive your 3-year auto insurance discount.


Step By Step Instructions 


Contact Your Auto Insurance Agent

On average, people who take our Mature Driver Tune-Up Course save $90 a year for three years. The amount you save, however, will depend on your driving record, insurance company, and other insurance factors. Contact your auto insurance agent to find out how much you will save after completing our course.

1. Start The Registration Process



Click on a "Register Now" button to start the registration process

2. Select Your Course

3. Create Your New Account
















Your Email Address

  • Enter your full email address (Example: JohnSmith@aol.com).
  • You use this email address to sign-in to the course
  • Your course receipt will be sent to this email after you finish registering

Confirm Email

  • Re-Enter Your Email address

Create Password

  • Enter an easy to remember password that is at least 6 characters long.
  • Make a note of this password and save it in a safe place

Confirm Password

  • Re-enter the password you entered above

Note: You are only allowed to use one email address per person. If you or a family member has already completed the course using an email address, you must use a different email address.

4. Optional Upgrades

You must give the original DMV Mature Driver Certificate we send you to your auto insurance company as proof of course completion to get your auto insurance discount.  We, therefore, offer a couple of optional upgrades that take the hassle out of making a copy for your records:


1) A digital copy of your certificate

  • You receive an email with an image of your certificate for your records.

2) A paper copy of your certificate 

  • You receive a paper copy of your certificate for your records.


5. Payment Information


Enter your credit card number or click on the PayPal logo and enter your account information. Sorry, we do not accept checks, money orders or payment over the phone.


Card Number

  • Enter your credit card number without any dashes or spaces between the number.

Expiration Date

  • Enter the two digits for the month and the two digits of the year that your credit card expires. Do not enter any dashes or spaces between the numbers.

Card Security Code

  • Enter the three or four digit security code from your credit card.

To locate your credit card's security code:

Look at the back of your Visa or MasterCard to find the 3 digit CVV security code. American Express has a 4 digit security code located on the front of the card.


6. Student Information


This information will be printed on your Certificate. It is very important that it is correct so that you can get your auto insurance discount.


First, Middle and Last Name

  • Enter the name of the person taking the course


  • This is where your certificate will be mailed

Phone Number

  • We will only call you if there is an issue with your registration



California Driver's License Number

  • Enter your California Driver’s License number (only drivers with a California license are eligible to take the course)
  • All California Driver's License Numbers are formatted as 1 letter followed by 7 numbers. Example: A1234567.  Be careful you don’t accidentally use the letter O instead of the number 0.  

Date of Birth (you must be 55 or older)

  • Select the month and day from the drop-down list
  • Enter the full year you were born, i.e., 1956

7. Registration Confirmation Email

Once you complete the Student Information section, you're done registering and you'll receive an email receipt. It is important that you review all of the information in the email we send you for accuracy.



All you have to do to earn your Mature Driver Course Certificate is read the course and watch the videos on our website. There are no tests to pass!


1.  Starting the Course


There are 4 different ways to start the course:


  1. After you finish registering, click on "Start Course" link at the bottom of the page
  2. Click on the  button in the registration email confirmation we send you

  3. Click on  on the website homepage



4. Click on "Student Login" In the upper right part of the website homepage 


2. Stopping the Course

To stop the course, click on Logout at the top of the course. Your progress will be automatically saved and you'll start where you left off.


3. Re-Starting the Course

To restart the course where you last stopped, sign back into the course using one of the links in Step 1 “Starting the Course” above.


If you exited the course by accident and haven't Logged out, you can re-enter the course by clicking on the "Access Course" link from the website homepage.


4. Watching The Videos

To watch the course videos, simply click on them.  The video will start to play and you can pause, fast forward or rewind using the controls.


5. Optional Quizzes

There are a couple of (optional) quizzes you can take if you'd like to test your learning.  These are 100% optional and you don't have to take them to earn your certificate.


There are 12 Chapters in the course.  You’ll know that you’ve completed the course once you see the “Congratulations” page.


1. Course Completion Email

Once you complete the course, you will receive an email from us confirming you have completed the course. Please review the information contained in the email to ensure the information to be printed on your certificate is correct.

2. Mailed Certificate

Your official DMV Mature Driver Improvement Course Certificate will be mailed to the address you entered during registration for free by First Class Mail.  Most people receive it within 5 to 7 business days.  If you signed up for the Express 2 Day Service, you will receive your certificate within 2 business days as long as you finished prior to the 2:00 p.m. M-F cutoff time.


3. Get Your Auto Insurance Discount

Once you receive your Official Course Completion Certificate in the mail, you must mail or bring your original certificate to your auto insurance agent as proof of completion.

The amount of your discount will depend upon your driving record, insurance company, and other factors. Insurance companies can refuse to give you a discount if you have a poor driving record.


4. Your Three Year Auto Insurance Discount

Your auto insurance discount is good for a period of 3 years. After 3 years, you must take a refresher course to renew your discount. If you fail to renew your certificate within 12 months of it expiring, you will need to take an initial Mature Driver Program again.


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