How We Compare to AARP

Top reasons why people take our course instead of AARP's:

  1. Our price is cheaper and no membership fee is required.

  2. Our course has NO TESTS to Pass!  Just listen to the course and watch videos to earn your certificate.

  3. Our 'Initial' course is 80 minutes shorter than AARP's.

  4. No additional software installation is required.  The AARP requires you to install dangerous FLASH software (read more below).

  5. Take it on your computer, tablet or mobile device (AARP only allows you to use your computer because they required FLASH software be installed).

  6. We don't have annoying timers that make you wait to proceed to the next lesson like the AARP (read more below).

  7. We don't give you a deadline to finish by.


You Get The Same Official DMV Certificate

All California DMV Licensed and Approved Mature Driver Courses give you the same Mature Driver Improvement Certificate after course completion. Why? Because all licensed Mature Driver schools must purchase them from the California DMV and must provide them to you as proof of course completion.

The certificate you receive after completing our course and AARP's certificate are the same.


3rd Party Customer Reviews

The AARP doesn't want people to review their course because it's so terrible! Try searching for AARP Driver Safety course reviews. You won't find any except the one we found below.

       Read AARP Customer Reviews Click Here

No Additional Software Required vs. Dangerous Flash Software Required!

We don't require you to go through the hassle of installing dangerous Flash software. Flash is software that older websites use to animate information on their websites. If you don't already have it installed on your computer, you will need to install and then figure out how to possibly enable it on your web-browser. Flash had a huge security hole that allowed hackers to "to take control of the affected system" in the past.  While that's been patched, it will surely happen again in the near future. That is only one reason why the company that owns Flash, Adobe, has decided to retire the software in 2020.

"Once a standard tool for web development, Flash Player has become something of a pariah in recent years. The software slowed down browsers and posed a near-constant security risk, as vulnerability after vulnerability was discovered." 

Mashable July 25, 2017

Click here to read more 


Use Your Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device. AARP Only Allows You To Use A Computer with Flash Software!

No Course Timers 







Course timers make you wait until you can move to the next lesson or section. It's like reading a book and being told you can't read the next chapter because you must wait for the sand to empty into the hourglass! AARP'S course has timers that make you wait to proceed. 

Our Mature Driver Tune-Up course doesn't have annoying timers to slow you down. You can finish the course as fast as you can read and watch the videos! On average, people finish in 4 to 5 hours.

Progress Automatically Saved

If you get busy and need to stop or want to take a break, your course progress is automatically saved.  We don't make you re-take the entire chapter over like AARP does! 


Mouse Clicks (107  vs. 800+ )

Both AARP and the AAA course require you to click on your mouse button over 800 times to complete the course! Yes. Over 800 times! Our course only requires you to click the mouse button 91 times! That should give you a clue into how easy our course is to finish vs. courses from AARP and AAA if the previous information didn't.


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